"It's Happening!" That's right we're going VIRTUAL this year!

What can be said about a Scottish tyrant terrorizing this lakeside community? It happened here! Over the years, his ancestral lair has morphed into 8 acres of lakeside gardens and a collection of vintage buildings.

This video collection will showcase the history and beauty of Waba Cottage Museum and Gardens. As a special bonus feature for 2021 Herbfest, we are including Peter Hessel's book, 'McNab the Township' as a downloadable and printable .pdf.

Peter Hessel lived his youth in Nazi Germany, fled the Russians as a young man and came to Canada. He was employed as a translator for the federal government in Ottawa. Peter wrote books and articles about the history of this area.

'McNab the Township' is a very readable and definitive work. His research is second to none. Peter has returned to a free Germany to live. However, every now and then, there's a knock on the museum door and there's Peter.

We the organizers would like to thank Peter for his important contributions. Click below:


Waba Cottage Museum and Gardens has a collection of five historic museum buildings nestled in 8 acres of lovely gardens on the scenic shore of White Lake.

An ancient Scottish Clan Chief ruled the roost here with an iron fist. Laird Archibald McNab brought over settlers and subjugated them to medieval feudal terms for almost 20 years.

Our vintage buildings have their stories. The stone house echoes Archibald's reign of error. The log church, school house, dairy barn and display building offer unique insights into the daily lives of our early residents.

The museum is full of memories from the past. Local families have been so generous in donating artifacts. We are very proud of our community volunteer force that helped, and continue to help maintain our Museum and Gardens showing ever-continuing support of our heritage. The buildings contain everything from Sunday's best china to farm harvesting equipment.

The present building is a faithful reconstruction of the house built in 1835 by the founder of Mcnab Township, the controversial and colourful Archibald 13th Laird of McNab (c.1781-1860).

In 1978 this log school house (McNab School Section No. 15, built in 1978) was moved from German Settlement (now called Clay Valley), an area settled primarily by German immigrants in the 1860's and 1870's. A plaque commemorates broadcaster Frank Ryan (born 1901) who attended this school.

In 1975 a local resident of White Lake unearthed bones that were later determined to be from 11,500 years ago, belonging to a mature Bowhead whale, an arctic sea mammal. The original bones are at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa, replicas of the bones are on display in the Waba Cottage Museum. Today, these are important clues in a breaking news story that spans 12,000 years. New theories about comet strikes, melting ice caps, inland polar oceans, continental wildfires, mass extinctions of man, mammoths and other large mammals are attributed to this 'bad day'.

In 2022, the museum plans to be open again Fri.- Mon. 10-4:30 May 24th until Thanksgiving

Here's some directions. Take 417 to Arnprior's Exit 184 and go south on White Lake Rd. about 12 minutes until you come to the 4 corners in White Lake. Turn right or west on Burnstown Road and go a kilometre. You'll find us beside the lake.

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