"It's Happening!" That's right we're going VIRTUAL this year!

Displays and Demonstrations:


Ellen Bennett - Hilltop Stovetop Productions

Ellen Bennett produces a home style cooking show series for
Youtube that is called 'Hilltop Stovetop'.

Also notable in these videos is that Ellen follows a recipe for creating the productions by herself.
She uses a mix of 3 cameras which include a cell phone, tablet and point and shoot camera. A
lavalier microphone and voice recorder are used for audio.

For post production, the original video clips are loaded onto a cloud, downloaded and edited to
completion 2,000 km. away, then sent back to Ellen for posting on Youtube.

To celebrate Herbfest, Ellen has contributed two recipes featuring parsley.

How to Make Tabbouleh (Parsley Salad)

How to Make Stuffed Cucumbers with Parsley Sauce

We invite you to view these special videos and Ellen's other wonderful productions. You can show
your support by subscribing and liking these as well as:

Ellen's other AMAZING cooking shows...


Vintage Cookbooks (click here...)

Please enjoy this fine collection of vintage cook books that span eras from wood stove cooking to
hors d'oeuvres at cocktail parties.

These volumes present a variety of styles and themes from local and national sources.

They contain much more than a series of recipes. Long forgotten nuances of kitchen servitude
are documented here. Societal attitudes and roles are reinforced as text book truths.

• Cherished church lady recipes are lovingly shared in small tattered local printings.

• A successful Canadian corporation ventures into the realms of geographic cuisine.

• A hand written volume contains a recipe for stove polish with powdered lead as a main
ingredient. This is sandwiched between the cucumber cream and rhubarb marmalade

• Learn the fine sensitivities of leaving a calling card so the hostess may have the pleasure of recalling all the friends who favour her with their presence.

• Discover tasty recipes for a nutritious tripe dish.

Some of the cook books were a less than subtle means of advertising. The virtues and awards of
using the endorsed product adorn many pages. The pitfalls of failing to use the recommended
product carried stern warnings of kitchen catastrophe or being a failure in life.

It's amusing to observe a recipe's popularity is equal to the accumulated wear and grime on it's
pages. In stark contrast, the calf brain cutlet recipe page is pristine.

As these cook books are scanned images, additional hand written notes, annotations and additional recipes can be found. Some recipes are rated as 'good' or 'bad'. Don't try the crazy cake.

These digital cook books versions have 'ocr' or optical character recognition. Searching for your
favourite dish has never been easier.

The .pdf format is universal and archival.

This material is considered as 'out of print' and 'at-risk' content.

These volumes are being provided as part of a digital conservancy project for future reference.

If there are any copyright issues, please inform the digital content creator.

Enjoy this glimpse into the past. -Jim Austin

Photos of MidSummerHerbfest past, take a wistful walk down memory lane...

This is our second season of having an on-line Virtual Herbfest. It's as different as these times are.
For 2022, we'll be back on site at Waba Cottage Garden & Museum.
In the meantime, here's some photos and videos of previous live MidSummer Herbfests:

2019 photos from slideshow (click here)

2016 photos to the present (click here)


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